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    In case of Install AOL Desktop Gold technical issues, remember we’re just one call away. Connect with our technicians +1-888-857-5157 and root out the errors with the help of proper techniques and methods. Our experts are well trained to offer the most legitimate solution possible.

    Procedure to Install AOL Desktop Gold:

    1.     Next, users will visit the official AOL website and then access it from here.

    2.     Navigate to your Desktop now, and press it.

    3.     You began downloading from the first stage and you can test that downloading from the bottom left corner of the Window is going well.

    4.     Upon downloading, tap the.exe file and pick the folder screen.

    5.     To launch the installation process, double tap Download AOL Gold.

    6.     Click here to INSTALL NOW.

    7.     Hang ahead to update the app occasionally.

    Note: If users have saved any data on previous version of AOL at this time, then you will be asked to import the data. To import their mail you are advised to press yes click.

    8.     Now you have to type your username and then tap to start. You can also choose to save your password here, and then sign in automatically with your username for quick process sign-in.

    9.     Once prompted you will enter your password here.

    10.  Therefore, you’ll successfully complete the AOL Desktop Gold installation process.


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